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Assessment Basis and Tax Rates

Insurance typeAssessment basisTax rate
Life and disability insurance (endowment and annuity insurance of all types) and similar insurance relationships
- Endowment insurance including unit-linked life insurance plans with living benefits or living and death benefits, short duration1) and one-time premium paymentInsurance fee11 %
- All other life and disability insurance plansInsurance fee4 %
Pension fund paymentsInsurance fee2.5 %
Health insuranceInsurance fee1 %
Hail insuranceInsured amount for each year of insurance0.2 %
Property insuranceInsurance fee11 %
Transfer of coverage requirement
- If the defined benefits are granted to all or certain groups of employees of the respective companiesCoverage requirement or transfer amount2.5 %
- If the defined benefits are not granted to all or certain groups of employees of the respective companiesCoverage requirement or transfer amount4 %

Subsequent Taxation

For life insurance plans, an insurance fee paid is subject to additional subsequent tax of 7% in the following cases:

  • The insurance relationship is changed by whatever means into endowment insurance subject to an 11% tax rate.
  • For insurance relationships for which recurring, essentially invariable premium payments are not agreed (one-time premium payment):
    • In the case of endowment insurance, including unit-linked life insurance or annuity insurance, if the insurance is surrendered prior to the end of the minimum contract period1) after conclusion of the contract and the insurance relationship was subject to a 4% tax rate.
    • In the case of annuity insurance for which the start of annuity payments prior to the end of the minimum contract duration1) after conclusion of the contract is agreed, if the insurance is paid off with a one-time payment.

1) The insurance tax rate and minimum contract duration for subsequent taxation depend on the contract duration of the insurance agreement; from 1 March 2014 onward, they also depend on the age of the insurance holder and the insured person(s):

11% of the insurance fee, or 7% subsequent tax, are incurred if the contract duration for the abovementioned contract types

  • is less than 10 years for contracts concluded before 1 January 2011.
  • is less than 15 years for contracts concluded after 31 December  2010 and before 1 March 2014.
  • is less than 15 years, or is less than 10 years in cases where the insurance holder as well as the insured person(s) are over 50 years of age, for contracts concluded after 28 February 2014.

Waiving of Premiums

Under certain circumstances, the waiving of premiums can lead to a change in qualification or subsequent taxation of the insurance relationship. More information on this topic can be found in the document Beantwortung von Zweifelsfragen zur Versicherungssteuer under heading 36. Rechtsfolgen von Prämienfreistellungen.

Increase of insured amount

Any increase of the insured amount, within an existing insurance contract subject to a tax rate of 4 percent under § 6, para 1, subpara 1 (b) VersStG, to a total of more than twice the original insured amount (again using a non-recurring, essentially invariable premium, i.e. one-time premium) is considered an independent conclusion of a new insurance contract. An assessment of the duration and the age of the insurance holder and insured person(s) of this new contract must occur to determine the applicable tax rate.