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EU tax administrations to strengthen cooperation

On 18 September 2018, the director-generals from the tax administrations of all 28 EU Member States met in Vienna in order to consult on the opportunities and challenges presented by digitalisation and the associated impact on tax collection.

On the occasion of the so-called G28 Summit, on Tuesday, a meeting was held of the Director-Generals from the tax administrations of all 28 EU Member States. At the focus of their discussion was the topic of digitalisation, which was analysed in terms of impact on the economy and administrative organisations as well as on the behaviour of taxpayers. Only a joint strategy on the part of all European States will enable the tax administrations to equip themselves for the digital future and to significantly reduce the burden of compliance costs on companies through new procedures.

"Achieving fair taxation of the digital economy is a central challenge faced by all States. In addition to the legal framework conditions, also in the context of execution, a joint effort is needed by all European countries in order to ensure fair taxation in the digital era," declared Austrian Finance Minister Löger.

18 September 2018