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Digital tax: Löger looks to the Netherlands as a partner Finance Minister Hartwig Löger sees in his Dutch counterpart Wopke Hoekstra a strong ally in his campaign for a small budget for a smaller EU 

Vienna (OTS) – The aim of today’s visits by Finance Minister Löger to Dublin and The Hague was to facilitate close coordination between the Member States and to make the case for Austria’s EU Council presidency priorities under Löger’s chairmanship. “The focus of our presidency is on removing the unfair situation that exists between the traditional economy and the digital economy in regard to tax. While the major digital corporations only pay 9 per cent, traditional companies contribute around 13 per cent more to the common good. This represents a massive distortion of competition,” said Finance Minister and ECOFIN chair Hartwig Löger after his working meeting with the Dutch Finance Minister Wopke Hoekstra.

Following the bilateral meeting with his counterpart Wopke Hoekstra, Finance Minister Hartwig Löger will find support from The Hague for the implementation of digital tax. According to Löger, the Netherlands are interested in implementing a solution on as pragmatic a basis as possible. “The Netherlands are open to talks about a temporary implementation of digital tax. They are cooperating with us in working out a model that can be used throughout Europe. We are both agreed that we do not want to alienate any of our global partners – on the contrary, we want to implement a fair and balanced taxation concept.”

Following their working meeting, the two finance ministers Löger and Hoekstra are renewing their plea that a smaller EU must also make do with a smaller budget: “Austria’s opinion has not changed with the Council presidency. Our belief is paramount that there cannot be more money for a smaller EU. Wopke Hoekstra is one of our strongest allies in this. We will act together in fighting other Member States in Brussels for the retention of the present contribution system.”

Photos of the meeting are available here Photo Album