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CEFoF: A stimulus to growth for the central European market for risk capital and private equity Finance Minister Hartwig Löger and Hubert Cottogni of the European Investment Fund (EIF) present CEFoF 

Vienna (OTS) – At the end of 2017 the European Investment Fund, together with Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Slovenia set up a new equity investment programme which is geared towards these five countries: the Central Europe Fund of Funds (CEFoF). “Initiatives like the 6 are an important step in the direction of a growth strategy for the private equity market,” explained Löger during the presentation event held at the Federal Ministry of Finance.

The CEFoF has set itself the goal of increasing the volume of private equity investments in the region, particularly in small and medium-sized companies and midcaps. The Fund has a fund volume of 97 million Euros, with the EIF itself being its biggest investor.

“Our aim is to improve financing conditions for companies. We want to ensure full financing in all stages of company development. By investing in the CEFoF, Austria is contributing to the promotion of a growing private equity market. As the immediate neighbour of the target countries and with our very strong commitment to eastern Europe, this is of great importance for us,” said Finance Minister Löger.

The CEFoF supports the further development of a sustainable, creditworthy and robust financial infrastructure in this sector. Through the implementation of high investment standards it aims to ensure that new institutional investors as well as fund managers are acquired for this market segment in central Europe.

By way of conclusion, Finance Minister Löger emphasised that “together with our international and European partners such as the EIF, we are providing the central European market for risk capital with a stimulus to growth.”

Photos of the event can be found here: