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Austrian Finance Minister Löger meets EU Commission President Juncker in Brussels

During his inaugural meeting with EU Commission President Juncker, the Austrian Finance Minister Löger emphasised once more that there must be no additional burden on net contributors such as Austria.

In the working meeting with Juncker, Löger once again reinforced his position not to agree to a sweeping increase in Austria’s EU contribution. “We have the one percent starting basis to define the medium-term framework for the next few years as well.” He sees “no room for negotiation”, says Löger.  “The departure of the British from the EU must be taken as an opportunity to make the EU budget more economical and efficient. We demand a clear shifting in order to set the right priorities.” As examples, Finance Minister Löger named strengthening EU’s competitiveness, safety, tackling the causes of migration, and digitalization. 

When asked about the US threat of import restrictions on steel and aluminium and possible counter-tariffs of the EU, the Finance Minister said that a clear European line has to be found in order to be able to give a strong response. In any case, however, prudence should be applied to avoid escalation on both sides, Löger concluded.