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Vienna , 09 May 2012 Transparency database cuts through the thicket of public funding programmes Fekter: “Conclusion of this agreement today represents a further milestone!”

Beginning in 2013, all of the information on the public aid programmes and transfer benefits of the Austrian federal government can be found on the internet at – and information about those of the Länder will be available beginning in 2014. “For Austrian citizens, this is a completely new service that will finally cut through the thicket of public support programmes. Up to now, it has not been possible for the public to wade through that thicket. However, I am of the view that people should know what benefits are offered by the public authorities and what they themselves are entitled to,” Austrian Finance Minister Dr. Maria Fekter stated today in comments on the transparency database agreement signed today.

“ Eliminating double funding – precise targeting of public funding”


In particular, however, this transparency database enables political actors to gain a very clear overview as to the areas in which overlaps exist – so -called ‘doubling funding’ – and what areas are not being funded at all or are receiving too little. “Public funding will not be awarded on a ‘watering can’ principle in future. The transparency database creates a very good overview of where funding is already being directed and where it is not ”, Dr. Fekter affirmed.

Administrative simplification and equitability

“With this management tool, we have sent a clear signal in favour of greater transparency in respect of public funding and social transfers. We cannot in future continue to allow income from transfer payments to be higher than employment income. This new agreement on the transparency database represents a decisive contribution towards improving awareness and equitability of payments from the public coffers, which will facilitate comprehensive simplification of public administration”, Finance Minister Dr. Fekter stated in closing.