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Vienna, 19 July 2012 Finance Minister Dr Fekter assumes book sponsorship for Imperial Tax Regulations of 1764 Dr Fekter becomes sponsor of Regulations issued by Empress Maria Theresia under Austrian National Library “book sponsorship programme”

“I am very flattered to be recognised in this way”, Austrian Finance Minister Dr Maria Fekter stated when presented with the sponsorship certificate by the Director General of the Austrian National Library, Dr Johanna Rachinger. “We proposed several artefacts to the Finance Minister. She decided on a publication of tax regulations issued under Maria Theresia and I am pleased that Finance Minister Dr Fekter is expressing her bond with our institution by taking on this sponsorship”, Dr Rachinger stated.

Dr Fekter commented on her sponsorship as follows: “I admire Empress Maria Theresia for her policies, which were progressive for their time, and for her interest in implementing reforms. She was a strong woman who went her own way in a world that was dominated by men. There is a lot that women in politics today can still learn from her. Of course, the tax policy aspect also appealed to me, because as Finance Minister I see myself as an advocate who acts on behalf of all Austrian taxpayers.”

The historical imprint of 28 November 1764 was issued to promulgate tax regulations issued by Maria Theresia and at the same time it served as a set of procedural rules to be followed by the competent imperial authorities when collecting various tax debts.

“The partnerships we maintain with private individuals and institutions are of great importance to the Austrian National Library. The support our country’s largest library receives through this programme is crucial to the National Library’s task of preserving our cultural heritage”, Director General Rachinger emphasised.

For over 20 years, the book sponsorship programme has been one of the most successful fund-raising programmes in the Austrian cultural sphere. Over 6300 celebrities and businesses from all over the world, as well as many book lovers from the general public, have assumed book sponsorships with the Austrian National Library. Well-known sponsors include Nikolaus Harnoncourt and Klaus Maria Brandauer, as well as Hillary Clinton and Pope John Paul II.