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Vienna, 14.05.2019 Transparency Database: Austrian Federal Chancellor and Finance Minister welcome decision taken by Styria Governor of Styria, Hermann Schützenhöfer, commits to full transparency – in future Styria  to report all subsidies to the Transparency Database

Only yesterday, Tyrol, Vorarlberg and Salzburg announced that, in future, they will voluntarily enter all their subsidies into the Austrian federal government's Transparency Database. Today, Hermann Schützenhöfer, Governor of Styria, announced that Styria too is committed to full transparency and will join together with Lower Austria, Upper Austria, Tyrol, Vorarlberg , Salzburg and the Austrian federal government. Austrian Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz and Finance Minister Hartwig Löger welcome this decision by the Styrian provincial government.

"Through the Transparency Database, we wish to identify the inefficiencies and subsidy duplications within the system. In order to do this, close and positive collaboration with the Austrian provinces is essential. I am delighted, and wish to express my thanks to the provincial governors, for now, following in the steps of Tyrol, Vorarlberg and Salzburg, Styria will also report all its data to the Transparency Database. The federal government attaches particular importance to having a lean state and to economical use of tax money," affirmed Austrian Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz today.

Finance Minister Hartwig Löger too is delighted at the decision; "Styria's entry is a loud call to federalism in Austria. This new cooperation between the federal government and the six Austrian provinces shows that we have reached the next level of trust. We will collectively utilise this in the interests of taxpayers, ensuring that subsidies are received by those who need them most and preventing social misuse."

The pledge by Governor Hermann Schützenhöfer means that, in future, six provinces will provide full disclosure of their subsidies. The aim is for all nine provinces to join in the Transparency Database. For this reason, over the coming days, Finance Minister Hartwig Löger will hold discussions with other provincial governors in order to seek out broad support and secure implementation of the Transparency Database.