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Vienna, 02.07.2019 NEW from the Federal Ministry of Finance: automatic on-account income tax payment No more payment delays and reminder costs – thanks to the SEPA direct debit mandate

Vienna (OTS) – Until now, around 555,000 taxpayers had to assume responsibility themselves for prompt transfer of their on-account income tax payments. With effect from 1 July 2019, future on-account tax payments can be debited automatically from a taxpayer's bank account by means of the SEPA direct debit mandate. As a result, any potential payment delays and resulting default consequences can be avoided.

The advantages are clearly evident: those taxpayers affected will not only save time, but money too, and will no longer need to concern themselves with payment deadlines, since their on-account income tax payments will always be debited on time.

In order to benefit from this modern-day service, taxpayers can set up a direct debit mandate swiftly, simply and easily from the comfort of their own home, directly via FinanzOnline. Alternatively, the relevant web form  (in German) is available for completion on the website This form then simply needs to be forwarded to the relevant tax office.

Introduction of the SEPA direct debit procedure for on-account income tax payments marks yet another step towards more efficient and economical administrative practice. However, it benefits not only taxpayers, but also the environment, since by avoiding the use of paper, printing and the sending of payment reminders, the environmental impact is lessened.