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Vienna, 28.06.2019 Müller/Starlinger: Constructive discussions on defence budget Adequate funding of Austrian Armed Forces and proper budget implementation will continue to be assured        

In the context of the current budget situation with regard to national defence, a constructive discussion took place today between Austrian Finance Minister Eduard Müller and Defence Minister Thomas Starlinger, at which ongoing costs, as well as extraordinary investments and Defence Ministry projects, were raised.   

Both ministers agreed to conduct an analysis of the current budget situation and possible areas of action. 

In the context of the discussion, the upcoming military display on Heldenplatz in Vienna, to take place on Austrian National Day, was also discussed. This year, as in other years, planning of the traditional display will take account of cost considerations.  

The Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance and Federal Ministry of Defence will continue to keep their lines of communication open in order to ensure adequate funding of the Austrian Armed Forces and proper budgetary implementation in the context of the Austrian Federal Finance Act. Agreement was reached to the effect that planned measures will be continued aimed at enhancing the Army's mobility. 

Discussions already in progress on better equipment for the military were intensified.