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Vienna, 21.01.2019 Austrian Finance Minister Löger welcomes launch of direct market plus Austrian Finance Minister Löger welcomes launch of direct market plus Opening of Third Market a key signal pointing to strengthening of Austrian capital market

Vienna (OTS) – Ever since taking office, Austrian Finance Minister Hartwig Löger has campaigned intensively for an improvement in capital market access for SMEs. The aim is, in line with the German model, to enable on the Vienna Stock Exchange the admission and tradability of bearer shares on the so-called Third Market. With the required amendment to the Austrian Stock Corporation Act having been passed by the Austrian Parliament last October and become operative at the beginning of this year, the launch of direct market plus, with listed companies, is being already celebrated in the columned hall of the Vienna Stock Exchange.

"The fact that this key amendment was implemented so rapidly is a gratifying signal pointing to the strengthening of the Austrian capital market, for indeed, in this way, we are securing investment in Austria and thus jobs. Demand is impressive; several domestic companies plan to take up listing on direct market plus. This affirms my conviction that the path on which we have embarked, of capital procurement at home, has been the right one," concluded Löger.