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Vienna, 22.10.2018 Löger on Italy: Breaking the rules would open the door to other countries Community motto "One for all and all for one" must be observed 

"We live in a monetary community, in a family, and we need to stick to the rules in order to keep the system stable. The same also applies to Italy," said Austrian Finance Minister Löger, speaking in Vienna today. "For this reason, in the case of Italy, there needs to be an alignment with the basic rules. Because, with debt totalling 130% of GDP, Italy is in a starting position far removed from the agreed target of 60%," added Löger. "We do not want Italy to embark on a path reminiscent of Greece." Löger remarked that Italy would take the EU hostage with its populist debt policy, unless the EU put on the handbrake. "If Italy broke the rules, this would open the door to other countries, and we wish to avoid that. In this community, we are required to observe the motto 'One for all and all for one'", concluded Löger