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Vienna, 31.03.2017 Austrian Finance Ministry: Federal government has met budget targets Failure to meet Maastricht deficit by 0.16 percentage points relates to City of Vienna and social insurance.

Vienna (OTS) - Today's report on public finances for 2016, published by Statistik Austria, shows that government targets have been met. Despite additional difficult budgetary challenges, the federal government has succeeded in achieving its ambitious budget objectives. This is a result of the Finance Ministry consistently focusing on achieving its targets through structural reforms and strict budgetary discipline. 

Besides those of the federal government, the finances of the provincial states, municipalities and social insurance contributions are also included in calculation of the general government deficit. Failure to meet the Maastricht deficit by 0.16 percentage points is attributable to the extent of one third largely to the City of Vienna (including the minimum benefit system), and by way of two thirds to social insurance contributions.