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Vienna, 06.11.2018 Digital tax: Löger lays foundation for approval in December

On 6 November, for the penultimate time, Austrian Finance Minister Hartwig Löger chaired a meeting of the EU's Economic and Financial Affairs Council (ECOFIN) in Brussels. The aim of this meeting was to debate the final remaining outstanding matters relating to introduction of a digital tax. Löger invited his counterparts to set out in particular their views on the scope of application and on linkage with the G20/OECD solution ("sunset clause").

"Having made substantial progress at a technical level over the past few weeks, we considered it important to discuss the project openly once more, also at ministerial level. In the working-group meetings over the coming weeks, we will now clarify the final details. By the time of the ECOFIN meeting in December, a draft document should then be presented for approval," explained Finance Minister Löger.

Over recent weeks, Löger has met together with both sceptics and advocates of a digital tax in order to work out a compromise. In this process, he is primarily mediating between Germany and France, but is also working actively on dispelling the reservations expressed by the Nordic countries.

At present, eleven States have already independently introduced a digital tax. If, by December, no agreement is possible at European level, further individual solutions will follow. "All EU Finance Ministers are aware of the need for fair taxation of the digital economy in relation to the traditional economy, and that, in this context, a harmonised solution is more expedient than over twenty solo efforts," concluded Löger.