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Vienna, 14.02.2017 Customs seize narcotic drugs Opioid substances confiscated amongst others


Last week 43,000 capsules of the Indian-manufactured drug “Spasmo-Proxyvon Plus” were withdrawn from circulation by the customs authorities at Vienna International Airport. 

The 48-year-old Indian passenger, who flew into Vienna from New Delhi, India via Istanbul, was going through the green channel when he was asked to undergo a customs inspection, which revealed that both of his suitcases exclusively contained blister packs of this drug. Customs officials succeeded in confiscating a similarly large amount of this product in 2015.

Amongst other things the preparation contains an opioid substance that comes under the Narcotic Drugs Act [Suchtmittelgesetz]. It has a strong analgesic and anti-spasmodic effect. This drug, which is available only on prescription, is said amongst other things to be improperly used by drug addicts, who mix it with water and inject it like heroin. Furthermore, the origin and manufacture of these drug capsules are not always assured. In addition to the risk of addiction, counterfeit drugs can also involve huge health risks, as they are not produced under controlled and transparent conditions, and do not meet the necessary quality standards. 

The alleged perpetrator stated that he entered the European Union carrying this pharmaceutical product once a month by different routes. The allegedly counterfeit and narcotic drugs were seized and handed over to the police together with the alleged perpetrator for further official action. The customs investigation department at the Eisenstadt / Vienna Airport customs office also initiated criminal proceedings for tax offences.

Combating pharmaceutical crime is of major concern to the Austrian customs service, as the well-being and protection of the population take precedence for the Finance Department. The proven professional work of the Austrian customs administration makes an essential contribution here.