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Vienna, 15.02.2019 FMF: Conversion of ÖBIB to ÖBAG complete – 9-member Supervisory Board appointed Helmut Kern new Chairman of the Supervisory Board. Günther Helm and Karl Ochsner appointed as Vice-Chairs

Vienna (OTS) – The new ÖIAG Act entered into force on 1 January 2019. Today, with the resolution by the General Meeting of Shareholders on conversion and the appointment of the 9-member Supervisory Board of ÖBAG by Finance Minister Mr Hartwig Löger, the company took its first steps towards active investment management. ÖBAG’s aims are to have strong representation again on the supervisory boards of the partially state-owned companies, to develop tools contributing to the promotion of Austria as a business location and to promote growth and innovation. The prerequisite to good investment management is reconciling a long-term strategic orientation with clearly defined goals. In addition, ÖBAG is being given the necessary flexibility to react quickly and flexibly to developments at owner level. This includes measures to secure the future of the business location as well as acquiring shareholdings which are primarily focused on increasing value. Privatisation is not an objective.

Following the Annual General Meeting, the 9-member Supervisory Board of ÖBAG was constituted. At that meeting, decisions were taken on personnel matters and rules of procedure were adopted. Helmut Kern was proposed for election as chairman and was unanimously elected. He is the general manager of the Hospital of the Merciful Brothers in Vienna and deputy-chair of the University Council of the University of Vienna. Kern was previously a global partner at Deloitte Consulting and head of consulting at PwC, and made a significant contribution to the establishment of Deloitte Consulting in Austria. Karl Ochsner and Günther Helm were nominated and elected as vice-chairs. Karl Ochsner was born in Upper Austria and is the managing partner of a family-owned company of the same name. He is also a member of the supervisory board of ÖBB-Holding AG and of the ÖBB  Immobilien Board. Dr. Günther Helm has recently served as CEO of HOFER KG for eight years and was responsible for the HOFER Group’s strategic orientation. Helm is currently in the course of a move to the “MÜLLER” drugstore group, where he will succeed Erwin Müller as managing director from mid-2019. He had also previously been a member of the ÖBIB nomination committee.

Löger: “ÖBAG is bringing about positive changes for Austria as a business location. This is not about exercising greater state control, but rather it is about actively exercising Austria’s ownership responsibilities, with a primary goal of increasing value. The supervisory board is made up of experienced experts. In Helmut Kern, ÖBAG has a Supervisory Board chair whose economic competence and know-how are of the highest calibre. In overall respects, the supervisory board members represent an excellent cross-section of the Austrian economy and industry.“

Helmut Kern: “It is a great honour to me to assume the chairmanship of the Supervisory Board of Österreichische Beteiligungs AG. As a powerful holding company, ÖBAG plays a central role in strengthening the Republic of Austria as a business location and the further development of some of its most important shareholdings. In order to ensure this, ÖBAG needs competent, efficient and independent supervisory structures. As a part of my duties, I will do my utmost to fulfil my responsibilities for Austria, to the best of my ability.“

Shareholder representatives:
- Prof. Mag. Helmut Kern, M.A., date of birth 21.05.1965 (Chairman)
- Dr. Günther Helm, date of birth 21.01.1979 (Vice-Chair)
- Karl Ochsner, date of birth 23.08.1967 (Vice-Chair)
- Dipl.-Ing. Iris Ortner, MBA, date of birth 31.08.1974
- Dr. Susanne Höllinger, PhD, CSE, date of birth 11.02.1965
- Dr. Christian Ebner, date of birth 24.04.1967
Employee representatives:
- Christine Asperger, date of birth 20.03.1964
- Helmut Köstinger, date of birth 13.10.1957
- Werner Luksch, date of birth 20.05.1967

Further procedure - Executive Board:
The function of the Executive Board was advertised in accordance with the Appointments Act [Stellbesetzungsgesetz], BGBl. I No. 26/1998. The Supervisory Board has appointed an interim Executive Board for ÖBAG. As was already the case at ÖBIB, Walter Jöstl, who is Prokurist of the company, will assume this role.                                                                   

Key figures for ÖBAG:
ÖBAG’s portfolio value currently totals EUR 7.7 billion. The companies employ more than 102,000 people, making an important contribution to the federal budget. In 2016, taxes and customs duties paid came to roughly EUR 5 billion, and the dividend paid to the Republic of Austria totalled more than EUR 240 million during the 2017 financial year. The company Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft (BIG) is being transferred to ÖBAG. That company employs over 850 members of staff. Dividends most recently totalled EUR 230 million. As a result of the transfer of the company, ÖBAG’s portfolio value increased by more than EUR 12 billion. The portfolio value will remain in the ownership of the Federal Ministry of Finance. The Republic of Austria’s shareholding in the conglomerate, totalling 51 per cent, will be managed in future by ÖBAG, representing assets totalling roughly EUR 11 billion. The dividend most recently paid came to EUR 74 million.

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