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Vienna, 23.08.2016 Austrian Ministry of Finance warns about fraudulent payment requests Warning: Fraudulent fees are being charged for commercial register entries

Business owners who have recently registered their companies in the commercial register should be particularly cautious. Fraudulent requests bearing the Austrian Ministry of Finance logo are currently being sent out requesting the payment of fees for new companies entered into the commercial register. Business owners are being misled in this way to transfer funds to accounts in Slovakia. Forged letters of this kind turn up repeatedly in various forms.

The Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance does not, as a rule, charge fees for registering companies in the commercial register, issues its own payment forms and only uses Austrian accounts. Detailed information about any payments is also available on FinanzOnline (

Fraud also occurs in connection with VAT (UID) numbers. No registration fees exist for an alleged Europe-wide VAT number registry, since the EU has a free system providing Europa-wide access. As a result, no registration fees may be charged for this, either.

Therefore, please check any payment requests carefully. Official account numbers can be found in the contact information for the government authority concerned on the website: > Offices