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Internal Organisation

  • Ministry of Finance

    The Ministry of Finance is located in the city centre of Vienna and houses all Directorates General. read more

  • Tax and Customs Coordination Office

    The Tax and Customs Coordination Office has bureaus in five regions (Vienna, East, Middle, West and South). Its task is to coordinate and advise the subordinated tax and customs offices in substance and on organisational matters. At the same time it supports the Ministry of Finance in implementing directives and decrees. read more

  • Tax and Customs Offices

    In Austria 40 tax offices in 80 locations are in operation. Most of the tax offices have two or three locations with 150 to 200 employees. Currently 6.800 employees are working nationwide in the tax offices. In the field of customs 1.700 employees are working in nine customs offices. read more

  • Federal Academy of Finance (Bundesfinanzakademie, BFA)

    As a central educational institution, the Federal Academy of Finance is responsible, together with the Human Resources Development Department of the Federal Ministry of Finance, for education and training activities in the institution. It aspires to offer top quality in its activities and thus create added value for all parties. read more