Transparency Portal All subsidies online: targeted assistance, efficient administration.

The Transparency Portal is designed to provide citizens and businesses comprehensive information on the full range of benefits offered by the Austrian federal, state and local authorities, display subsidies already personally used, list other potential benefits, and process subsidy requests online.

The existence of approximately 2,600 subsidy programmes at the federal level and approximately 3,100 subsidy programs at the state level is proof of the good intentions of the Austrian government with respect to providing assistance. The result, however, was a maze of subsidies that made it difficult for almost everyone to find their way. As a result, the Austrian Court of Audit required that areas of overlap be avoided between the different levels of government, and that a database be set up for subsidies throughout Austria. The new Transparency Portal is a state-of-the-art e-Government service providing an efficient subsidy system for use by citizens, business and the public administration. Its content will be made available to citizens in a number of stages starting in 2013.

Advantages and benefits

The Transparency Portal provides clearly organised standardised information on all subsidies offered nationwide, benefits already personally received, and detailed information on other potential subsidies. It also allows supporting documentation to be submitted quickly and easily: citizens and businesses can use the portal to create a legally valid, electronically signed extract for use in applying for subsidies.

The Transparency Portal allows administrative authorities to better manage the benefits they offer, and to process applications more quickly and efficiently.

For politicians, transparency provides a better overview of the benefits being offered, and therefore enables better decision-making when developing subsidy strategies.

Transparency Portal (only in German language)