Services for Citizens

This section provides information on e-government services for citizens.

  • FinanzOnline for Citizens

    FinanzOnline provides a one-click link to the Austrian tax administration. Using FinanzOnline, Austrian citizens can, for instance, file their tax return electronically from home 24 hours a day. Processing your employment tax return online saves both time and money. Upon request, assessment notices can be delivered electronically in just a few days. read more

  • Transparency Portal

    The Transparency Portal is designed to provide citizens and businesses comprehensive information on the full range of benefits offered by the Austrian federal, state and local authorities, display subsidies already personally used, list other potential benefits, and process subsidy requests online. read more

  • Electronic Payment

    Austrian citizens have modern, innovative ways to transact payments with the Austrian public authorities. It is possible to make payments on the spot with debit cards, credit cards,“quick function” cards and – in some cases – even by mobile phone. read more