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Electronic Personnel Management Personnel management in the public administration

The Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance is taking a modern, electronic approach to personnel management. Overall, the Federal Ministry of Finance is serving almost 400 federal agencies, with an approximate total of 20,000 end users.

The Employee Self Service (ESS) and the Information Services enable ministry staff to independently record their attendance and absence, applications for leave and health reports. Staff can also review their personal data – such as their salaries or sick leave – in a simple, rapid process.

Nationwide, approximately 180,000 users are able to access and use ESS and the Information Services to record and query data. The Federal Ministry of Finance’s services are also deployed at Austria’s foreign missions abroad. Wages, salaries as well as retirement benefits of more than one billion Euros are paid out to 238,000 employees and 90,000 retirees.

Electronic personnel files and pension accounts permit rapid, simple access to data anytime and anywhere, while simultaneously maintaining the highest security standards and providing optimum process support. Since very recently, the fiscal administration has also been using electronic recruiting.

Most record files are processed using ELAK (electronic file management). In this way, workflows can be simplified and the costs of handling and archiving files can be reduced.

The THEMIS personnel key figure template was developed in the human resources arena to achieve outcome-oriented ministry management in the human resources field. Among other things, THEMIS provides information on the age and qualification structure of staff, and furnishes a profile of how employees pursue further education, serving as a basis for personnel decisions.

By means of a special learning management system (LMS), employees are able to use electronic networks to book training events and educational programs almost anytime, anywhere. In this way, it is possible for the ministry to utilize physical facilities and teaching staff more efficiently and to save travel costs.

An internal portal to which employees of the entire Federal Ministry of Finance have access combines information and IT applications of the Finance Ministry and provides practical support for daily work and administrative tasks. For example, users access applications and programs centrally via the portal. The portal also has a connection with the online catalogue of the Federal Ministry of Finance’s libraries, by means of which users can perform online book searches, place orders and view account statements.

Efficiency is the watchword in office equipment, as well: state-of-the-art workstations (fiber optic cables all the way to the tax and customs offices, notebooks, WLAN, VoIP) help to save cost and time, increase mobility and simplify work.