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Electronic Payment

The IT section of the Federal Ministry of Finance is responsible for the federal government’s entire payment transactions and in this role provides support to the entirety of the Austrian federal administrative authorities. This guarantees a maximum level of security and efficiency. Approximately 30 million transactions are executed every year, most of them by electronic means.

SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area)

The idea behind the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) is to use uniform procedures and standards for euro payments across Europe.

SEPA will enable customers to

  • make cashless euro payments from just one account by using harmonized payment instruments, and to
  • use these instruments as easily, efficiently and safely as their national instruments.

The centralization of the federal government’s payment transaction is an enormous advantage for implementing SEPA. Compared to other countries of the European Union, Austria was one of the first and fastest adopters.

Paying cashless

Austrian citizens have modern, innovative ways to transact payments with the Austrian public authorities. It is possible to make payments on the spot with debit and credit cards. 

Payment requests can be complied with online by bank transfer, credit card, mobile phone, and EPS online transfer (this is a service of the Austrian banking institutions).