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E-RECHNUNG.GV.AT– e-invoice submission to the Austrian Public Sector E-invoicing helps enterprises to safe costs and time

E-RECHNUNG.GV.AT is a data transfer method for the submission of structured electronic invoices (e-invoices) to the Austrian Public Sector.

E-invoices can be electronically submitted via the Business Service Portal (USP) or via the PEPPOL transport infrastructure, whereby the process of the invoice handling is optimized for the biller as well as for the invoice recipient.

For using e-government-applications such as E-RECHNUNG.GV.AT businesses need to register once (and free of charge) at the USP.

Based on the provisions of Section 5 of the Austrian ICT Consolidation Act (IKTKonG) the federal government departments only accept e-invoices. Therefore, all contracting partners of the federal government must only submit structured electronic invoices (e-invoices) for the provision of goods and services to government departments. This does not apply for cash payment.

In order to increasingly benefit from synergies, the features required for submitting e-invoices are also available to other public sector institutions (e.g. provinces, municipalities, cities).

After authenticated logon at the USP (Mein USP |Meine Services | E-RECHNUNG.GV.AT) the following delivery methods are available to transmit an e-invoice:

  • filling in the online form
  • manual upload 
  • automated submission via web-service

After the successful transmission of the e-invoice, businesses will receive a confirmation email with a PDF of the invoice attached, which they can save for their records. 

E-invoices can be generated and submitted by a third party (e.g. service provider, public accountant) by using one of the methods outlined above. In this case the biller does not need to register at the USP.

Advantages of e-invoices

  • shorter processing time
    • concentration on the core business by electronic delivery of the invoice
  • reduction of the handling costs 
    • enveloping, franking, mailing services
  • reduction of shipping costs 
    • paper, envelopes, postage
  • reduction of the cycle time
    • leaner processes by omission of transport routes and times and IT-supported invoice processing
  • reduction of media breaks 
    • the submitted e-invoice is automatically processed
    • avoidance of possible typing errors
  • positive impact on the environment 
    • less paper consumption, lower transport efforts

According to a study of the WKO savings of nine billions euro a year are possible by using e-invoices, in the case of extensive use (also B2B).

Businesses can visit the website for further assistance.

The official E-RECHNUNG.GV.AT support email address is: