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FinanzOnline (FON) one-click link to the Austrian tax administration

FinanzOnline is the no. 1 e-government service in Austria, which has received multiple international awards. It is free of charge and available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. FinanzOnline facilitates the access to the Austrian tax administration for citizens and businesses as well as for the public administration. At the moment, FinanzOnline has more than four million users.

Using FinanzOnline, Austrian citizens can, for instance, file their tax return electronically from home. Processing tax returns online saves times – there is no travel time or queuing. There are also no restrictions to opening hours. And citizens usually get their money back faster. Furthermore, it protects the environment as no paper forms are required and it relieves the burden on the government budget. Since 2013, the administrative expenses have been reduced by about 330 million Euros.

The whole process – from filling in the form to the delivery of the notice is fulfilled electronically. Data from the previous year can be transferred automatically. A notification service for the tax statement delivery is available in the electronic DataBox. The tax account as well as all process steps can be traced online. Furthermore, the online management of personal data as well as the immediate online tax assessment (also as an anonym calculation) are possible.

Businesses process their administrative transactions with the authorities, such as income tax, VAT or corporation tax returns, via FinanzOnline. In addition, tax agents use FinanzOnline for the tax affairs of 1.9 million clients.

Of course, security functions and technologies, some of which are our own innovations, guarantee that all data remain secure. 96 % of all users rate the application as “very good”.

FinanzOnline is also the key for numerous other e-government applications – for example for the Business Service Portal and for electronic invoicing.