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E-Government Portals of the Federal Ministry of Finance

Numerous electronic e-government solutions facilitate the access to the Austrian tax administration for citizens and enterprises as well as for the public administration. The IT solutions of the Federal Ministry of Finance offer a uniform user interface, centrally maintained data for the linkage of information, single sign-on services and maximum safety. Thereby, the Federal Ministry of Finance facilitates official channels and reduces costs for the public administration.

  • FinanzOnline (FON)

    FinanzOnline is the no. 1 e-government service in Austria, which has received multiple international awards. It is free of charge and available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. FinanzOnline facilitates the access to the Austrian tax administration for citizens and businesses as well as for the public administration. At the moment, FinanzOnline has more than four million users. read more

  • Business Service Portal (Unternehmensserviceportal = USP)

    The Business Service Portal is the single entry point of the federal administration for economic partners. Businesses find all information needed in one place – always up-to-date and according to the law. In addition, the Business Service Portal bundles the relevant e-government applications accessible via single-sign on which allows to execute transactions with public administration online – in one portal around the clock. In this way businesses can save time and money. read more

  • Expert and Legal Information on Financial Matters

    Financial documentation (Findok = short for financial documentation) is a comprehensive, up-to-date and free source of information on legal questions concerning tax and customs duties. This knowledge platform contains interpretation aids provided by the Federal Ministry of Finance as well as decisions by the Federal Finance Court (Bundesfinanzgericht = BFG), formerly known as Independent Tax Senate (Unabhängiger Finanzsenat = UFS) on tax and customs law. read more

  • Transparency Portal

    The Transparency Portal is designed to provide citizens and businesses comprehensive information on the full range of benefits offered by the Austrian federal and provincial authorities (“Länder”), display subsidies already personally used, list other potential benefits, and process subsidy requests online – in strict compliance with all data protection regulations. read more