FinanzOnline for businesses

FinanzOnline provides a one-click link to the tax administration. 360,000 businesses already process their administrative transactions with the authorities, such as income tax, VAT or corporation tax returns, via FinanzOnline. In addition, tax agents use FinanzOnline for the tax affairs of 1.7 million clients.

FinanzOnline saves your business time and money, and moreover also eases the burden on the government budget. Since FinanzOnline was launched in 2003, the tax administration has received and processed 77 million electronic applications and declarations.

Of course, security functions and technologies, some of which are our own innovations, guarantee that your data remains secure.

FinanzOnline offers numerous benefits over paper returns

  • Free of charge
  • No special software needed
  • Protection of your data thanks to modern security functions and technologies
  • Saves time – no travel time or queuing
  • Access 24 hours a day – no restriction to opening hours
  • No paper attachments for returns prepared on a cash accounting basis
  • Transmission of large data quantities using data flow processes in XML format
  • Protects the environment as no paper forms are required
  • Relieves the burden on the government budget

FinanzOnline offers the following functions

  • Corporation tax return
  • Income tax return
  • Annual VAT return
  • Advance VAT return
  • EU-wide refund of input VAT
  • Electronic confirmation of valid VAT reference number (VAT ID)

Additional functions

  • Access to tax file and account statement
  • Amendment of basic data
  • Refund applications
  • Electronic payment
  • Advance tax calculation (in some cases also available without registering)
  • Electronic delivery of assessment notice (via DataBox)
  • Electronic delivery and response in the event of queries from the tax authority concerning your tax return

In the context of the Gambling Act:

  • Gambling statement
  • Betting fee statement
  • Notice of card game tournaments

In the context of the Flight Tax Act:

  • Flight tax return

Registering with FinanzOnline

Note: Please be aware that FinanzOnline is only available in the German language.

Sole proprietors

  • In order to register, all you need is an official identity card or passport.
  • Complete the electronic form and just click to send the data to the tax office.
  • Within a few days, you will receive a registered “RSa” letter which contains your initial PIN and subscriber ID for registering with FinanzOnline.

Sole proprietors can also register for FinanzOnline in writing (using a form) or in person at any tax office.

Partnerships and legal entities can only be registered in person at a tax office.

  • Registration form completed in full
  • Documentary evidence of authority to represent the company (e.g. extract from the commercial register, articles of association, statutes)
  • Official identity card or passport

Both sole proprietors and legal representatives may arrange to be represented by a holder of a notarized special power of attorney. In addition, a duly authorized representative may also register your company online. Access codes for FinanzOnline will either be communicated in person at the tax office or in a registered “RSa” letter.