Directorate General V Information and Communication Technology, E-Government

The Directorate General V works on making the Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance the best fiscal administration in the world. In this context, the key words are simple, effective and on an electronic basis.

The Directorate General V implements sustainable e-government solutions:

Using FinanzOnline, Austrian citizens can, for instance, file their tax return from home 24 hours a day. The Austrian tax administration also relies on modern e-government solutions: electronic payments, the Transparency Portal and shared services are just three examples of facilities which help to save both time and costs.


  • IT applications of the ministry, IT finance applications
  • e-government solutions for the federal government
  • engine of the administrative reform process
  • IT applications for citizens and the economy
  • governance of the Austrian Federal Computing Center (1,150 employees) and other service providers

Successes and Innovations

  • first ministry in Europe with ISO safety certification
  • e-government solutions of the Federal Ministry of Finance save millions of taxpayers’ money
  • innovation driver: e.g. obligatory structured e-billing


  • saving administration costs through the use of IT-solutions
  • standardized IT-solutions for the federal government are pushing the administrative reform forward
  • transparent & innovative services for citizens and the economy
  • state-of-the-art solutions for cyber security, mobility for public administration
  • ICT security for the ministry and e-government
  • PR for e-government services
  • partner of the Austrian Federal Chancellery regarding ICT consolidation
  • service provider for other ministries

Innovations of Public Administration

  • ALF – implementation of family allowances without application
  • change of customs for lower operating costs
  • development of electronic systems of personnel management
  • management of DG V through a system of indicators