Pan-European Public Procurement Online - PEPPOL

The European Commission’s large-scale project PEPPOL constitutes a significant cross-border e-procurement initiative with the aim of providing standardized IT infrastructure and services for the processing of pan-European public procurement procedures online.

PEPPOL supports the implementation of efficient transactions and public procurement by opening up the path to proven procedures in respect of content standards, joint processes and an open infrastructure for the exchange of information across Europe. PEPPOL is thereby able to make a key contribution to reducing administrative costs and supporting the austerity plans of national governments.

PEPPOL will facilitate the electronic exchange of contracts, invoices and tender specifications between contracting authorities and suppliers in different Member States or e-procurement communities. This also includes the classification of goods and services and the transmission of documents required by suppliers in order to submit tenders. The validity of electronic signatures issued by certification agencies throughout Europe is also addressed.

Numerous European countries have already successfully established electronic platforms in their public administrations, in order to structure the awarding of public-sector contracts more simply and efficiently. While the level of acceptance of these systems is growing, most such solutions are implemented exclusively at a national or indeed regional level, with very limited access to other cross-border solutions. PEPPOL will improve the link to existing e-procurement communities and enable the private sector to submit tenders for public-sector contracts across the EU – a key step in the direction of an internal European market.