VAT Refund

Upon application travellers not domiciled in the EU will be refunded the VAT by the seller for goods bought in Austria. Please note the following requirements:

The invoiced amount (possibly including VAT) must exceed EUR 75.

  • Your passport or other cross-border travel document must indicate a domicile outside the EU.
  • You must export the item with your personal luggage from the EU before the end of the third calendar month following the month in which the purchase was made.
  • You must prove the export of the item to the seller. This is done by returning to the seller.

An endorsement can be issued at a later date only in special, exceptional cases.

At some border-crossings, private clearance offices have been set up that handle the refunding procedure on your behalf against a fee.

On the other hand, in several non-EU countries the seller will refund the VAT paid when making a purchase. The respective body (embassy, consular office) will inform you of the conditions and formal requirements that apply to this connection.