Quantitative Limits for Foodstuffs

Quantitative limits are also in place in respect of foodstuffs carried by private travellers for their own use.

Up to the stated quantities, private travellers do not need to carry any documentation, and there is no requirement for an inspection upon entry into Austria.

  • Information on quantitative limits for meat/meat products, milk/milk products and other animal products can be obtained from the website of the Austrian Ministry of Health
  • up to 15 Kg of fruit and vegetables from all third countries
  • up to 10 Kg of potatoes from Egypt, Algeria, Israel, Libya, Morocco, Syria, Tunisia and Turkey

To import larger quantities you will require the corresponding certification and/or permits, and entry will only be possible at certain customs offices.

If the outbreak of an animal disease has occurred in your holiday destination country, or if pests have emerged, import bans may be imposed – including at short notice – to prevent them from being introduced to Austria.