Travelling with Animals

When travelling with animals, certain considerations must be taken into account and adhered to.

When entering or re-entering from a third country, your pet must be examined by the border veterinarian.

Please note: not every customs office has a border veterinarian available (for air traffic, for example, this service is only available at the Vienna and Linz airports). If you travel by air, you will need to make a detour to a suitable customs office.

Please also take note of any species conservation regulations that may apply.

When travelling with dogs, cats and ferrets to other EU countries or from other EU countries to Austria, you must always carry a pet passport.

Please note:
in accordance with statutory provisions, member states may stipulate additional requirements; at present, for entry into Finland, Ireland, Malta and the United Kingdom, dogs must be treated for tapeworms.

For further information please refer to the website of the Austrian Ministry of Health