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Prohibitions and Restrictions on Imports

The import of animals, plants, food products, medication, weapons and many other goods is subject to specific prohibitions and restrictions. These restrictions are applicable to entries from both EU and non-EU states. Special attention must be paid to these regulations in order to protect the life and health of human beings, animals and plants and to ensure public security. It is advisable that you make inquiries prior to embarking on your trip regarding the current import regulations at the Customs Information Office / Customs or at your local customs office.

  • Travelling with animals

    If you want to take an animal abroad with you, you should ask the official veterinarian (district authority or magistrate) about the regulations of your holiday country already before your holiday.
    When entering or re-entering from third countries, your animal must as a rule be examined by a border veterinarian.
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  • Quantity limits for foodstuff

    There are limits on the quantities of food for personal consumption in tourist travel as well. read more

  • Provisions on the Protection of Species

    Today, many animal and plant species throughout the world are endangered in their existence or even threatened by extinction. Both, at international and national level, regulations have been adopted for the protection of these species, which have an impact on international trade to a varying degree. read more

  • Travelling with plants

    Certain restrictions must be observed in the importation (including transit) of plants, plant products, fruit, wood, seeds, soil and compost.
    Plants, plant products, wood, seeds, soil, compost, etc. from a non-EU country must under certain conditions be examined at the border by the Plant Protection Service. Entry is possible only at those customs offices where such a service is established. 
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  • Culture under protection

    Art is not a commodity like any other. Unlike goods of daily use, cultural goods have not only a price, but also and above all an ideal value. This ideal value is particularly high when works of art reflect the history and identity of a country in a special way. read more

  • Product Piracy

    Counterfeiting and product piracy are serious offences that affect economy, fair competition and the labour market. The European Union has responded to the worldwide increase in infringements: Since 01 January 2014, the new EU Regulation on IPR Enforcement 2014 has improved the legal framework in the light of economic, trade and legal developments in order to strengthen the enforcement of intellectual property rights by customs authorities, and at the same time ensure adequate legal certainty. read more

  • Pyrotechnic Articles

    Under the Austrian Pyrotechnic Safety Act, pyrotechnic articles are subject to age restrictions, labelling requirements and require permits in some cases. read more

  • Medicines

    Under the Austrian Medicines and Medicinal Products Import Act, pharmaceutical products may only be imported to Austria by pharmacies and entities that are authorised to distribute medicines and medicinal products. read more

  • Carrying Weapons

    Carrying a firearm and the ammunition intended for use with it from EU countries and third countries is subject to various restrictions and requires a permit under certain circumstances. read more