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Müller: Nuclear power not a sustainable form of energy Austria votes against inclusion of nuclear power on list of sustainable financial instruments – Majority in Brussels advocates classification of nuclear power as sustainable

Vienna (OTS) - Today in Brussels, the EU Member States voted on the Commission's negotiating mandate for trilogue negotiations in matters of taxonomy. The draft Taxonomy (= classification) Regulation provides for standard criteria across the EU as to which financial products and investments may be declared as "sustainable" in an environmental sense. For financial market participants and investors, it will therefore be easier to establish in future which projects are environmentally-sustainable and contribute to achieving the Paris climate targets. 

Ahead of the vote, a number of Member States lobbied in favour of investments in atomic energy and nuclear power plants being classified as sustainable. "Nuclear power is not a sustainable form of energy. Indeed for this reason, today Austria voted against the negotiating mandate. Jointly with other countries that are phasing out nuclear power, such as Germany, in Brussels we adopted a resolute opposing stance," stressed Finance Minister Eduard Müller.

The private sector makes a significant contribution to the provision of low-CO2 technologies. Classification of nuclear power as a sustainable energy source is tied up with the billions invested by private investors in nuclear power plants. "Merely reducing CO2 emissions is not sufficient. An overall view must be taken, ranging from the safety of nuclear energy to the question of ultimate disposal and storage – all these problems are unresolved and, as a result, sustainability is not assured," concluded Müller.