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Current Economic Data - Austria

Important Austrian economic indicators have been collected in a table for informational purposes and are updated regularly. The table contains economic development indicators (e.g. production, foreign trade, labour market, financial sector).

2017 2018 2019 2020 
Rate of change in %    
GDP, nominal3.
GDP, real2.
Private consumption expenditure, real
Gross fixed capital formation, real4.
Exports, real
Imports, real
Employment 1)
Unemployment rate (Eurostat, in %)
Inflation (HICP2.2
Balance on current account (in % of GDP)
Net lending of general government (in % of GDP) 2)-0.70.2 - -
Gross debt of general government (in % of GDP) 2) 78.374.0 - -
Productivity 3)
Unit labour costs 4)

1) Non self-employed without recipients of childcare benefits and without conscripts
2) Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF); Statistics Austria (STAT)
3) Productivity per hour worked (economy as a whole)
4) Economy as a whole (nominal)

Recent update: October 2019

Sources: Austrian Institute of Economic Research (WIFO), Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF), Statistics Austria (STAT)