Austrian Draft Budgetary Plan

In accordance with Article 4(2) of Regulation (EU) 473/2013, “draft budgetary plans” have to be annually prepared by October 15th. These documents should contain the Central Government`s draft budget for the forthcoming year as well as the main parameters of the draft budgets for all the other subsectors of the General Government. They have to be made public and, according to Article 6 of the said Regulation, submitted to the European Commission and the Eurogroup.

The Federal Government pursues a long-term, stability and growth oriented fiscal and economic policy, thereby attaining sustainable economic growth and a high level of employment. Four key policy areas have been identified:

  • consistently proceeding with structural fiscal consolidation
  • strengthening the quality of public finances to support the drivers of potential growth in Austria
  • continuing structural reforms in the field of public administration, financial equalisation, subsidies, education, pensions and labour market
  • implementation of a major tax reform

This document is an unofficial translation of the German original version.